The BIHAR OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY was conceived in April, 1944 with the aim β€˜β€™to cultivate and promote ophthalmic and allied medical sciences including improvement of public health and medical education in Bihar from the ophthalmic point of view ’’.

Though the All India Ophthalmological Society was in existence from before, its constitution then did not envisage state Branches and hence , in States like Mumbai, Madras, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar etc. Separate and independent of all India Ophthalmological Society, State Ophthalmological Societies were started to bring Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic medical practitioners in that state under one banner in order to improve the standard of ophthalmic care in that state.

The Society came into existence in the campus of Eye Department of Patna Medical College & Hospital with a handful of members, Dr. Dukhan Ram being appointed as its president. Dr. Paras Nath Sinha took the arduous duty of being its Secretary. Since then, for a number of years, in October/ November every year, annual general meetings were held in the Prince of Wales medical college, Patna. A guest speaker used to grace the occasion and deliver a scientific lecture.

After being in existence for good sixteen years the first Bihar Ophthalmological Conference was organised by the Society in Patna on 28th and 29th October, 1961,thanks to the labour put in by Dr. J. N. Rahatogi, the then secretary and late Dr. Nazre Imam, the then joint Secretary of the society.Late Dr. P. N. Sinha, the then President of the Society presided over the conference.Since then every year we have been holding an annual conference.Apart from annual conference Society is holding its Mid Term conference in month of May every year since 2007.

Such conference have great utility value, Besides providing social contact, they are of great educative value to the youngsters in the speciality as well as to ophthalmic medical practitioners. A souvenir is published to mark each conference, in these conferences, we have also started an extra - mural lecture, the first lecture being Dr. R. P. Dhanda, who is 1965 spoke on corneal grafting at Darbhanga on the occasion of the 4th Annual conference. Since then, we are continuing this practice.

To promote greater cohesion and exchange of ideas, thoughts and practising techniques and in a more familiar way and surrounding ophthalmologists of Eastern States of the country ( with more or less similar incidence and nature of eye diseases) have formed a Regional Organisation, the Eastern India Zonal Ophthalmological Congress ( EIZOC). The first such conference was held in Calcutta in 1985, the third one in Patna in 1987 and again at Ranchi, in November,1994 ( the IXth in series).These have created a bigger rapport amongst the eye surgeons of Eastern India, Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. To keep the members abreast of increasing scientific knowledge a memorial lecture Dr. Bhagwan Pd. Singh memorial lecture series was started in 1972 in which we had speakers like Dr. A. S. H. Rahi from London and Dr. P. K. Basu from Toronto ( Canada) . Unfortunately due to discontinuation of financial grant from the family members of Late Dr. B. P. Singh, we could not continue the series beyond 1976.

The society has been able to publish its journal, Bihar Journal of ophthalmology Since 1973, wherein we have scientific papers as also reports of our activities. The credit for this goes to our dynamic colleague Dr. Ajit Sinha. Before This journal was published, our scientific activities and papers were published in the Patna Journal of medicine in its ophthalmic numbers.

The Society has been able to organise two A.I.O.S. Conference in Patna in year 1952 & 1970 Four of our Stalwarts become president of All India Ophthalmological Society namely Dr. Dukhan Ram, Dr. Paras Nath Sinha, Dr. A. N. Pandeya & Dr. Ajit Sinha.

Another important addition has introduction of Mid Term meetings.Apart from annual conference Society is holding its Mid Term conference in month of May every year since 2007. The society had handful of members when it started in 1944 but today it has 761 life members.

Our Society has matured and many laurels are yet to come to its Kitty.